FBLA State Results

This is a first for PBGHS to have the Florida State President!  Our 92 members just returned from their 4-day FBLA State Conference and we couldn’t be more proud of them all!  We now have the Florida State President, Isha Joseph in our midst!!!

Isha, along with all of the attendees, represented PGBHS with class and style (this was an amazing group of leaders).

HUGE CONGRATS to the following students as they now prepare for National competition in Chicago!

1st Place – Business Plan
Quincy Dougherty
Debra Mendez
Tina Nguyen

1st Place – Entrepreneurship
Adrian Edison
Joey Gorel

1st Place – Community Service Report
Gabi Dimitrova
Isha Joseph
Tiffany Navarro

2nd Place – Local Annual ReportDSC_0347

Daniel Indano
Danielle Mangialetto
Tina Nguyen

3rd Place – Accounting II
Megan Cassino

3rd Place – Public Speaking II
Vince Borello

Those in the top five and on stage
5th – Desktop Publishing
Christina Brown

Makaela Lee

5th Place – Website Design
Emma BycraftDSC_0268
Jocelyn Chipoco

5th Place -Future Business Leader
Isha Joseph